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TESDA Ladderized Education Program

             In compliance to Executive Order No. 358 – Installation of Ladderized Education System - AICS recently launched its BS in Computer Science ladderized course, along with other universities and TVET institutions. It was held last July 12, 2006 at Malacañang Palace with no less than President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and TESDA Director General Boboy Syjuco as the guests of honor.

             The ladderized education system addresses the present compartmentalization of tech-voc and college degree programs that hinder the recognition and accreditation of tech-voc competencies in college degree programs and vice-versa. Under the system, the tech-voc and college degree components are harmonized allowing an individual to progress between and among tech-voc courses, college degree programs and eventually obtain gainful employment in the future.

             Being one among the 75 institutions granted authorization by TESDA and CHED to offer the Ladderized Education Program (LEP), AICS came up with a new ladderized curriculum for its BS Computer Science Course. Inscribed in this curriculum are three Training Regulations (TR) from TESDA namely PC Operations (NC II) on the first year of the course, Programming (NC IV) on the second year and Hardware Servicing (NC II) on the third year. Each TR corresponds to one (1) diploma from TESDA after completion. The fourth year concludes the entire course and the graduate receives a diploma for the whole program from CHED.


Scholarship Grants

ACADEMIC Scholarship

Valedictorian                  100%

Salutatorian                      75%

Honorable Mention          50% - 15%

(1st, 2nd, 3rd)

ATHLETIC Scholarship

Volleyball, Basketball, Dart, Table Tennis, Chess, Bowling & Taekwondo.             

PESFA Scholarship

          Government scholarship program given by the Technical Education Skills DevelopmentAuthority (TESDA). TRIMEX is giving 100% assistance to qualified students under this grant.


Municipal Scholarship Grants

Scholarship grant sponsored by the Municipal Mayor and Vice-Mayor.

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